Life: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It’s another grey winter day and another coffee shop. This time, I am spending time in Flat White Coffee Factory, enjoying a cappuccino and doing a little knitting. Overall, this moment feels like a great achievement as I have been dealing with a significant fibromyalgia flare up for the past three months or so–perhaps it has been the worst in over a decade.

今日も空はグレー色ですね。冬が続きます。私はFlat White Coffee Factoryにいます。いつもちょっと編み物してカプチーノを飲んでいますね。最近は、大変な線維筋痛症の症状がありますので、私の命について考えます。

Going through a flare up is physically and mentally painful. Still, dealing with it and overcoming it can provide you with some insights into your past and current life. Moreover, it can help to refocus you for the future. At least, I have found it to be so in my case. In this post, I would like to share a little about my recent life and what I have learned.


Since last April, I have been in a training program and have been learning about management and working in a Japanese company. The experience has changed my way of thinking and doing. In some ways, my world feels smaller, more intimate, quieter, and heavier. On the other hand, my mind has expanded, more sensitive to the experiences of others and the ripple effect of every action. I am grateful for what I am learning and how I am changing. I am curious to see who I will be at the end of this training program.


One of the phrases that I often hear (and is often said to me) is that we should think about looking at life as a “marathon, not a sprint.” I have appreciated hearing this. I didn’t realize how much I spent my life racing through to get from one thing to the next, without pausing to truly experience the moment. Of course, working efficiently is paramount.

よく、人生は “マラソン “であり、”スプリント “ではないと言われます。これは、私の上司が私に理解させようとしているメッセージです。自分のペースで、より効率的に仕事をすることを学ばなければなりません。

So, how does this relate to my recent fibromyalgia flare up? Simply that I had not been pacing myself. I was sprinting…and subsequently my body and mind could not keep up. Literally, breathing was painful, my joints ached, my mind couldn’t retain information, and I thought that I wanted to give up.


I had to stop. In stopping, I had to assess the damage done. It was bad, enough so that, after more than 5 years of living without medication, I began taking medication again. Being on medication again isn’t ideal for me. I prefer to use natural remedies (acupuncture, diet, and exercise). I am working towards returning to only using natural remedies. For now, however, I will take medication, so that I can heal.


I am learning about my pace. I am learning that it is okay to go at my own pace. Perhaps it is not as fast or as efficient than other people’s pace, still it is a good pace for me. A long time ago, I learned about “staying in my lane.” Now, I have learned the importance of “going at my own pace.”

私は自分のペースを学んでいます。自分のペースで進んでいいんだということを学んでいます。他の人のペースほど速くも効率的でもないかもしれませんが、それでも自分にとっては良いペースなのです。以前は、「自分のレーンにとどまる」ことを学びました。今は、”マイペース “の大切さを学びました。

Life is, indeed, a marathon. Let’s pace ourselves to reach our goals.


Until Next Time.

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