Music & Storytelling: Troye Sivan


First, I came across Troye Sivan‘s music by accident while on tumblr.  His song “Fools” happened to be playing on the page that I was viewing.  That led me to YouTube, where I discovered that “Fools” was the second part of a three-part story told through music videos (in order: “Wild,” “Fools” and “Talk Me Down”). If I understand correctly, these songs/stories are a part of a larger story that is called “Blue Neighbourhood” (the name of his album).

Beyond the fact that the songs are quite enjoyable, very mainstream pop with a bit of R&B (at least, this is how I describe to myself), the songs tell a poignant story of two gay teens and their tragic love affair.  Really the videos left me at a loss for words–not only is the music awesome, but this a very direct display of gay teens and the struggles they deal with.  Sivan, himself, is gay and actually a very famous YouTuber.  Check out the videos, and then go buy the album! 🙂


Far From Mainstream: New Music Loves!

istock_000019172228xsmallI’ve been listening to a lot of new music over the past year. From dubstep to hardrock.  Luckily, most of what I’ve heard, I’ve liked.  So, on that note, I thought I would share with you to songs I really like.

First is the song “Surprise Reprise” by the band Boom City.  Second is  “Feel Me Why Don’t You” by actor/musician Asahi Uchida.

Two completely different genres of music, but both really amazing.  Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Travel | Listen to Hang Drum Street Music in Vatican City

Although, due to policy changes, there are fewer musicians these days, Rome continues to have a very vibrant street music culture.  Every now and again, I come across some a musician playing an uncommon instrument, e.g. didgeridoo or (in this case) the hang drum.

Alessio playing the Hang drum on the streets of Vatican City. (Image by D. Blake)

Alessio playing the Hang drum on the streets of Vatican City. (Image by D. Blake)

Take a moment to listen to this wonderful instrument being played by Alessio, a young musician I came across while hanging out in Vatican City.