Writers’ Cafe in Rome: Take 2 (Caffè della scala)

Image by Adam Croft. Click to visit his blog.

Image by Adam Croft. Click to visit his blog.

It’s that time again. Tomorrow, I will be hosting the Writers’ Cafe at Caffè della scala on Via della scala (4) in Trastevere. Event is from 6PM to 8PM.  Hope you can make it out! 🙂


FMS & CW | Things We Don’t Talk About: Isolation

Image found on eltonchizy.wordpress.com: The Cry of the Outcast (Poetry). Click to visit.

FMS & Creative Writing on Isolation

Don’t talk about it. Don’t think about it. Don’t begin to believe it…even if you experience it every single day.  What it means to be ill…until you die.  What it means to rethink to think to rethink to think who you are and can be.  Don’t talk about it.  Don’t think about it. Don’t begin to believe it…even if you experience it every single day.

I cannot speak about anyone else but myself.  I am sure that others may understand. When you are looked at you as though you serve no purpose. You have no worth. You cannot do what you used to do. You hide yourself from yourself and everyone else.  Your accomplishments amount to nil if you cannot continue to add to them.

You do not belong to belong. No one seems to hold your name in their mouths. You belong to a category of that which should be disbelieved…even if they don’t say it. You breathe it in from their absent words.  You breathe it into your self-understanding, although you don’t want to believe. You don’t want to believe your reality. Anyway, your reality is chronically wrong.

Your reality is painted by breathstrokes of waking and waiting to understand your worth.

Your worth is trapped and defined by a bed, by a line of medications toppling off shelves, by the phone that no longer rings, by the work that feels overwhelming, by stairs that seem too hard to climb…

Yet still, there is always tomorrow.  You have to believe in tomorrow because today offers little salvation.


Speed-Dating: OkCupid-Style

Speed-Dating: OkCupid-Style

Click. Click. Rome. Click. London. Click. Somerville. Click. Open in a New Window. Click. New York. Click. Click. Click. Milan. Click. Perth. Click. San Francisco. Click. Open in a New Window. Click. Click. Click. Click.

The faces blur into one word: No. They blur into an action: Click.

They blur into forgotten memory like many paintings seen only once. I try to assign human names to HotRod4U or CumCMe or BigTits2Day or DownNDirty or MuyCaliente or some similar thing in Italian.

I try to use my long dual-language profile to screen out unnecessary messages and sexmails, and even end it on a quasi-diatribe on exoticism.  It’s been working. Sort of.

Click. Block. Hey. Block. Wassup? Block. Got Chocolate? Block. U Busy L8r? Block. Le donne nere… Block.

I’m blocking out the words that counter my usually empathetic mind as I scroll and click pass over a thousand men with their barely-covered genitalia on display.  It’s not working.

I read Mark Manson and try to understand the male psyche. I decide it must suck balls to be male, even if they supposedly have everything.  There’s not much they can do to express themselves.  Men are should-burdened into thinking themselves to be robots, or worst still, sex machines.

Or worst still, pathetic.

It’s shocking what the internet unmasks about society: apparently, a bunch of sex-crazed, racist, narcissistic…wait, I just got a message.  It’s amazing how excited you can become when someone treats you like a human being.

Click. Profile. Click. The Two of Us. Click. Unacceptable Answers. Scroll.

  • “I strongly prefer to date people within my race.”
  • Glance up at the European-ancestors-face. Scroll.
  • “Women are obligated to shave their legs.” Scroll.
  • “I don’t mind racist jokes.” Scroll.
  • “I don’t like tattoos on women.” Click. Block.

I’m not shocked. It’s just another day in online dating, about which I have come to understand a couple of things.

  • Some men, particularly in Italy,
  • like to wear Speedos.
  • and take pictures spread-eagled.
  • Some women, particularly in the US,
  • like to wear lingerie,
  • and take pictures of their breasts.
  • ………………………………………
  • Some people don’t have faces.
  • Some people use other people’s faces.
  • Some people don’t live where they say.
  • Some people are sad to say where they live.
  • Some people are just people who are too busy.
  • Some people are people who just want to get busy.


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Aug-Dec 2014 | Submissions Deadlines: No Entry Fee Contests

Who doesn’t like creative writing contests with no entry fee…Enter one with me! What harm could it do? 🙂

JCU // Creative Writing Workshop

Image Found: http://creativewritingatguelph.ca (University of Guelph, Creative Writing at Guelph)

Freelancewriting.com, a website dedicated to assisting writers in achieving their goals, has been in operation since 1997. The site provides writers with guidance through articles, video tutorials, reading recommendations, job listings, and contest information.

Certainly, there are many sites that offer as much or more to writers.  Freelancewriting.com, however, makes a point of sharing creative writing contests (book/fiction/nonfiction/poetry) which only have no entry fee.

In essence, Freelancewriting.com has done the proverbial work of finding the needle in the haystack. So, many thanks to them for having done that work!  It is a time-consuming task searching through hundreds of contests to find the ones that do not even try to break the bank.

So what are some  contests that they have listed?

Click on the name of the contest for details.

(Deadline | Contest Name…

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