Near Piazza di Spagna (Rome, Italy) Feb. 2011

I love poetry.  I have been writing poetry since childhood.  Whether it was a poem about the weather differences between Jamaica (being warm) and other places in the world (being cold), or writing a poem for Mother’s Day, writing poetry has helped well to express my thoughts and feelings.

Like most people, I write in response to my experiences in life, both glorious and tragic as well as everything in between.  The style might be said to be “confessional,” following in the footsteps of poets belonging to the Confessional Poetry Movement, such as Allen Ginsberg and Sylvia Plath.  I do not see my writing to be as raw, but it is about authenticity. 

I will own that my poetry tends towards being didactic (and perhaps this is just my nature, or simply because they reflect lessons I have learned in life), but it is primarily a statement of self-reflection. It is my hope, however, that others will gain something from the experience of reading them. 

Format is critical to me as I imagine to others poets.  Beyond choosing the right words, placing them in such a way that conveys most strongly my meaning is very important to me as often I write each line to be independent of preceding and subsequent lines.   Thus, each line, individually, has significance for me as well as how each line relates to each other and to the poem as a whole.

In general, I hope that poems posted here will be enjoyed.  I welcome constructive feedback and commentary as I am always open to learning.





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