Rome – Haiku

Coming from the weekly snowstorms of Boston, the warmth and bright sun of Rome was somewhat of a jarring experiencing.  In those first few days, I often woke expecting to see snow on the ground, but I never did as this would be quite an anomaly.  There was something strange though in Rome, at least strange to me.  When I finally left the comfort of my studio and stepped unto the cobblestoned streets of Rome, I found that the eyes of Romans sought me.  If I did not feel like a foreigner enough when I first arrived, the experience of the Roman public staring (which I have been told is done to everyone) surely made me feel quite on the outside, and wondering what it would take to get in.

Thus, I spent my time wandering through and observing the daily life Rome, trying to connect through discovery and creating meaning, i.e. of what Rome is to me. 

There will be no snow,

only staring eyes, waiting.

Winter is now here.

-db (2.5.11)


Trastevere’s sun

like bright bulb of red lamp breaks

now the winter’s night.

-db (2.5.11)


This winter is warm

a large brown dog sleeps soundly

on cobblestoned grass

-db (2.6.11)

The cats are missing

In Trastevere the dogs

are dressed in winter coats

-db (2.9.11)




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