Salad Series #3 | Hot and Spicy Thai Winged Bean Salad


I live to try new things.
It’s a snobby habit I’ve often tried to kick in the morning, only to pick up again that very same afternoon.

I was the teen that brought homemade sushi to college and then, as soon as it’d caught on and became a thing, I ditched it for tacos and flasks of soy milk chocolat chaud.
I crave the new like a drug.
(In my head) I’m the coolest kid on the block.
I did say, “in my head right?”
Because if you’ve ever met me, you’d know it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The lyrics:

“I am a weapon of massive consumption,
it’s not my fault, it’s how I am programmed to function…”
Really should be my theme tune.
If my life was a comic script, these words would be scribbled, underneath grease and marinara stains, all over; the already battered…

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