5 Kickass Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day (Whether You’re Attached or Not)

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5 Kickass Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

It seems that most people either love or hate Valentine’s Day. I actually don’t have strong opinions about V Day either way, but I do know that a day to celebrate the people in your life that you love certainly can’t be a terrible thing. However, we’re taught to believe that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples and people in love, but where does that leave people who choose not to be in a relationship, who are going through painful heartbreak, are in a non-traditional relationship, or have an unrequited love?

Valentine’s Day can be for everyone, we just have to make it that way. So this year, let it be a day that you spend appreciating all the wonderful relationships you have — family, friends, and significant others. St. Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, which means you have the entire day to be a lover and not a hater. Grab your sweetheart, your peeps, your…

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