Music & Storytelling: Troye Sivan


First, I came across Troye Sivan‘s music by accident while on tumblr.  His song “Fools” happened to be playing on the page that I was viewing.  That led me to YouTube, where I discovered that “Fools” was the second part of a three-part story told through music videos (in order: “Wild,” “Fools” and “Talk Me Down”). If I understand correctly, these songs/stories are a part of a larger story that is called “Blue Neighbourhood” (the name of his album).

Beyond the fact that the songs are quite enjoyable, very mainstream pop with a bit of R&B (at least, this is how I describe to myself), the songs tell a poignant story of two gay teens and their tragic love affair.  Really the videos left me at a loss for words–not only is the music awesome, but this a very direct display of gay teens and the struggles they deal with.  Sivan, himself, is gay and actually a very famous YouTuber.  Check out the videos, and then go buy the album! 🙂


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