Video for Thought: What’s Your Worth? “The Economics of Sex”

Recently, I came across the video below that uses economics to discuss recent trends in heterosexual relationships, i.e. dating and marriage.  Specifically, there is an examination of the impact of birth control on heterosexual marriage rates over the years.  Now, regardless of your position on the subject of birth control and sexual abstinence before/during/after marriage, the video still makes for interesting viewing. 😉  

I think this video is particularly useful for women to watch as it stresses the importance of how we value ourselves, physically and otherwise.  Considering that only 26% of Black women are married today and the number keeps falling, I found it interesting on a personal level.  

Now, please, understand that I could hardly care less if anyone does or does not want to get married, regardless of gender or race.  Marriage, like religion and so many other aspects of life, is a personal choice. Thus, it’s not my business. 

So, take a look!  It’s only 10 minutes out of your day and you just might learn something new!


Until Next Time, 


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