[Video] FMS | Dr. David Brady’s Interview “You Never Knew This About Fibromyalgia”

Although I am not terribly keen on some of the ways in which he has spoken about the issue, I am in agreement with his statements and also with the approaches that he has highlighted, especially the natural methods. 

As a person living with ‘classic’ fibromyalgia and also a therapist, I have always found and continue to find the combined effort of physical management and psychological care to be best tools in my own care. 

True enough, I am a person, who has an extensive trauma history compounded by a (somewhat and mostly former) Type A personality, female, and basically everything else that he mentioned. My only hope is that his type of language does not lead to further discrimination of people with fibromyalgia, i.e. the idea that our illness is our fault. As he stated clearly, the problem begins in early development…and that was in the care of our parents and other family members.

Have a watch and share your thoughts if you’d like.

Thanks to my sister, Michelle, for sharing this with me.