Poetry |静けさ – Quietness

It’s a quiet morning. The sky is grey. And slowly, I am working on improving my Japanese.

When it comes to language learning, I find it challenging. Language is such an inherent part of identity–who do we become once we learn a new way of expressing ourselves in the world?

I’ll be frank: language learning can be grueling, anxiety-inducing, and sometimes downright embarrassing. I am far from fluent in the languages I can speak. Still, I find my process of learning so very rewarding.

My process: using creative writing and literary translation as my primary tools for language learning.

Currently, I am focusing on Japanese and am writing poetry in Japanese. Eventually, I would like to begin writing short stories. When writing, I write in Japanese (or any other language) first and then translate to English. For me, this method feels most natural. Today, I am sharing a poem.





The Quietness of the End of Summer

A cool breeze blows,

animals howl in the distance,

and the beautiful colors of wild flowers

have captured my gaze.

I am here.

The night sky’s quietness, the glittering stars,

gradually my breathing slows.

Still, I am trying to hear the last song of the cicadas.

Poetry | 静か (Quiet) | Japanese & English

Image from Unsplash




Being alone,
my heart remains calm.
In winter, a deep silent night,
memories and snow
always seem to come.

Translation | Untitled Poem (Italian)

I tried to translate the previously posted poem into Italian. 😅 Perhaps it makes no sense. I am sorry. 😓

(Ho provato a tradurre la mia poesia. 😅 Forse non ha senso. Mi dispiace.)😓

Senza Titolo

Ti desidero.
Non parliamo di piacere o d’amare
come ingenui amanti.

Desidero il tuo aspetto fisico
che posso guardare, con gli occhi
E, ogni giorno, lo tocco con la mente.

Non mi interessano
la tua posizione ed il tuo prestigio.

Il mio desiderio è, certamente,
una cosa volgare.

Il mio desiderio non ha il tempo
per le sottigliezze di un appuntamento romantico.
Non ci sono nè vino, e nè lume di candela.

No. Ti desidero.
E questo è tutto.

Haiku | In Autunno (In Autumn)

Looking up

le foglie cadono,
cielo d’oro

Oh so quietly,
leaves are falling, creating
now a golden sky

Poetry | Sospesa tra due cieli / Suspended between two skies

Cloud walk (Photo by D Blake)

Sospesa tra due cieli / Suspended between two skies (Photo by D Blake)

né giù né su
né là né qua
né avanti né indietro
né statica né in movimento
né trovata né persa
né giusta né sbagliata

né figlia né madre
né sorella né nipote
né bambina né adulto
né amante né amato (né amore)
né scrittrice né artista
né cantante né ballerina

sono sospesa tra due cieli

tra sogni e realtà
tra pensieri e sentimenti
tra ieri e oggi
tra oggi e domani
tra domani e dopodomani
tra io ed ego

mi metto me stessa
in una scatola di nuvoli


neither down nor up
neither here nor there
neither forward nor backward
neither static nor dynamic
neither found nor lost
neither right nor wrong

neither mother nor daughter
neither sister nor niece
neither child nor adult
neither lover nor beloved (nor love)
neither writer nor artist
neither singer nor dancer

am suspended between two skies

between dreams and realities
between thoughts and feelings
between yesterday and today
between today and tomorrow
between tomorrow and the day after
between self and ego

I put myself
in a box of clouds


Until Monday,