FibroArt Monday

FIBROmyALGIA by Andrea Ninetta Hernandez. Image from | Click to visit their page to see more FibroArt for sale.

I had not idea that FineArtAmerica had an entire section devoted to FibroArt. There aren’t many pieces as of yet, but what is there is great so far.

Prices for prints range from 50€ to 156€. The above is a print by Andrea Ninetta Hernandez, selling for 54€.


FMS | FibroArt: Got fibro? Get life. Project (“Willing to Travel”)

Latest image from my got fibro? get life. series.  It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to share it.  Any thoughts/feedback/questions welcomed.

Want to get involved in this project?  Let me know!

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FMS | FibroArt Monday

never look away, (series: got fibro? get life.), digital media, Diedre Blake (2015)

never look away, (series: got fibro? get life.), digital media, Diedré M Blake (2015)

This is the first piece from a series that I’m working on called “got fibro? get life.” I’ve been wanting to find a way to explore the shift in attitude towards fibromyalgia and how it impacts my life.

It’s always sometimes challenging to write about your own art, so I’ll leave it here. Of course, your comments are always appreciated.

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FMS | FibroArt Monday! :)

Image from Rhonda Moss on Pinterest

Image from Rhonda Moss on Pinterest

I came across this great image on Pinterest (pinned by Rhonda Moss).

It is truly fascinating to me that there are some people who do not understand that fibromyalgia is a chronic illness, i.e. lifelong…no end in sight…you have to live with it, etc., etc.

At the same time, it is important that we, who have FMS, do not become overly frustrated with such questions.  In my opinion, they stem from feelings of helplessness.  It is not easy to watch someone close to you (or not) go through such a difficult time.  In this era of information overload and quick-fix, I think that we have come to believe that everything has to have a readily understandable explanation and an easy method of resolution–unfortunately, it is not so simple with FMS.

So, to everyone who asks such a question: No, we’re not better yet.  No, we don’t know when we will be. 🙂

FMS | FibroArt Monday

Image from blog The Dancer or the Dance: Illness as Art. Click to read article “What is Fibromyalgia?”

I found this wonderful image on the blog The Dancer or the Dance: Illness as Art owned by Robin Dalton.  The image is a simple and beautiful one, but powerfully represents what it is like to have fibromyalgia, particularly during a flareup when there is little else that one can do besides rest.

The painting is by artist Carl Larsson, and is called “Woman lying on Bench” from 1913.

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FMS | FibroArt Monday…I mean Tuesday ;)

Yes, I am still ill with the flu, unfortunately; and thus, I have been more than a bit off. To make up for my utter slackness yesterday, here are two images:

Image found on All Things Healing. Click to read article “There is Hope with Fibromyalgia” by Dr. Karen Jacobson


Image found on Burt Chiropractic. Click image to read article “Fibromyalgia & Chiropractic Care”

Until Next Tuesday Monday (if not before). 🙂

FMS | FibroArt Monday

Fibromyalgia by AstralDreamer on deviantART: Click to visit the artist’s page.

Fibro-Art Monday: Frida Kahlo’s “The Broken Column”

Image found on Frida Kahlo, “The Broken Column” (Click on image to read an article by The Daily Mail on Kahlo

No, Frida Kahlo did not have fibromyalgia.  This painting, however, and all of her paintings really, eloquently expresses what it sometimes like to have fibromyalgia, i.e. the pain, the sorrow, the mental struggle.

Starting from today, every Monday I will be featuring art that reflects, whether directly or indirectly, what it means to have fibromyalgia.

I welcome submissions and suggestions!

 The word “Art” is being used in its broadest definition. 

(So, anything really.)