Reblog: “Nice To Meet You…I’m the Sick Girl”

Reblog: “Nice To Meet You…I’m the Sick Girl”

“I feel as though I spend all of my time trying to get my spoonie-self heard. I wear my spoon pin to work- every day. I remind friends, family, co-workers about treatments and such. On the days when I call in sick to work or cancel a social function, I remind these people what I am dealing with. You can see their eyes glaze over the minute I start talking. In one ear, out the other. And it would be nice to not get such a shocked reaction when I call out sick. They say,”oh my gosh! YOU’RE sick?” Yes, the chronically ill girl is taking a sick day. I don’t take that many, and you really shouldn’t be so shocked. As I constantly try to remind you, I am NOT normal. There is stuff (lots of it) wrong with me. I feel like I cannot get this message out there enough. In my head, it sounds like I’m constantly screaming.”