Expressive | Art Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions What is expressive therapy? Expressive therapy can be defined as the use of art, music, dance/movement, drama, writing, and play within psychotherapy, counselling or any other mental health or general health care services.  Expressive therapy is also known as expressive therapies or creative arts therapies. Non-specialized expressive therapists use an intermodal or … Continue reading Expressive | Art Therapy

Reflecting on week one… and Pressing the “Play” button.

It may be easy to forget, especially amidst my somewhat colourful observations, that when I first started to write about my experience of Rome, I compared Rome to myself.  Today I wanted, to reflect on this.   This is in order for you to understand a little more about why I chose to come to this place; where, for … Continue reading Reflecting on week one… and Pressing the “Play” button.