Reblog: Dreaming — Live & Learn (Music)

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson (24) is an Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician. His new album, Afterglow, was released on May 7, 2017.

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Reblog: Tj’s Household Haiku Arch & Tree — Annette Rochelle Aben

Years ago, it was The arch of trees rose so high Brought down by disease ©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

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Reblog: Sunday Lunch – Punjabi Style! — But I Smile Anyway…

Much as I love a traditional English roast dinner, complete with golden, crispy roast potatoes, slices of lamb with mint sauce, and lashings of gravy, there is another Sunday meal that we Punjabi’s tend to try not to miss… Aloo Parathas! These are a lightly fried potato filled bread which we eat traditionally with plain set […]

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Reblog: upstreet downstreet san francisco — petescully

Here then are the final few sketches from last month’s San Francisco overnighter. These were drawn on the Sunday, after getting up and walking down to Mara’s Italian Pastries on Columbus for a delicious (but messy!) Cannoli and a huge pastry that looked like a chocolate croissant but was much denser, took me all day […]

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Reblog: Cloud Eggs with Buttery Dal — food to glow

Breakfast doesn’t get more fun than cloud eggs. Whip your egg whites until fluffy, bake a little, reintroduce the yolk, bake a little more and, et voilà – cloud eggs. This Instagram favourite is one of the easiest and healthiest food trends of 2017. Just two ingredients and whatever you wish to fold in or tuck underneath (dal!). […]

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Reblog: RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #148 Fast&Plain — But I Smile Anyway…

Ron’s Weekly Haiku Challenge prompt today: Fast & Plain Fasting for a day Austere rations sustain me Inside out cleansing Ritu 2017 Promiscuous girl Liking more than vanilla Sauce with sprinkles too! Ritu 2017 Plain clothes cop Not moving too fast Biding time Ritu 2017

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Reblog: Coping With Depression During Your Job Search — HelloBeautiful

Source: valentinrussanov / Getty Let’s face it. Searching for a job is a job. The networking, research and interviewing alone can take months. Since most online applications take an average of 30 minutes to two hours to complete, dedicating a full day’s work to sitting in front of your laptop doesn’t seem so far-fetched. As…

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