A simple morning

Bird timer

Earthquake, 3:24a.m.

I have been working on my sleep hygiene, going to bed around 9:30p.m. and waking around 4:45a.m. Sometimes I am quite successful, and all goes as planned.

Early this morning, the ground shook and alerts blasted from my phone: jishin (地震). In English and Japanese, I received the message to seek shelter, and I wondered, Where?

I waited and the floor beneath me settled as did my mind. I went back to sleep, thinking how accustomed I have become to my world being shaken and how much I have improved in remaining still.

Yuzu jam

I slept longer than usual. Upon waking, I decided to make my day even simpler than I had intended.

I make yuzu (ゆず) iced tea. The yuzu jam is a Christmas gift from a dear friend. The cup is gift to myself from Fukuda Kilns in Kasama.

Full plate.

This morning I will eat a banana, an apple, and an orange. My hands make a rough job peeling and cutting fruit. That’s okay though.

I am happy with what I see and appreciative of what I am about to eat. All of these fruits were gifts from beloved friends. I will enjoy every bite.


I decide to add some apple jam which was a Christmas gift from a beloved Japanese friend. I feel spoiled by all the gifts of nourishment I have received. All healthy and all made with care.

The wooden fork and spoon in the pictures are handmade, too, by an artist in Kyoto. The plate is one I painted at Fukuda Kilns. That experience was also a precious gift to me.

All done.

I finish my meal. My futon is already outside being cleansed by the sun and my laundy is drying. I am listening to the “Storm is Over” by Windshield. It feels like the right song for this moment.

Now, it’s time to knit and drink water. I want to enjoy the morning sunlight and my solitude just a little longer.

Knitting and canister

Today, I will meditate on the word simplicity. How about you? What is your word for today? How do you create simple mornings?

Thank you for reading.


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