Watercress latte, knitting, and…

Daigo. The cafe is dark yet warm, constructed of rich wood and laid out with space heaters and blankets. It’s my fourth time here, listening to the melancholic notes of an unfamiliar singer. I wish I had my notebook and more time. It’s a place for writers, and I have been desperate to write.

Instead I’ve got a latte and my knitting to keep my hands and mind occupied. The green of the latte and the blue of the wool, both paint images in my mind of warmer times, green rice fields and ocean waves.

It’s funny how easy it is, when you get into the living the business of life, to forget the simplicity of living…of enjoying a latte and a little knitting.

I’m learning again what I came to know: living well requires being balanced.

Happy (almost) New Year.


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