Honesty & Cross Purposes


Yesterday, I took my niece to buy some ice cream.  Having seriously refined tastes bordering on epicurean, she chose Häagen Dazs over Dippin Dots (no hate on the folks over at Dippin Dots…it’s just, you know).

Anyway, the point is that we had to wait in line.  At least, we thought we were waiting in the correct line.  Just ahead of us, three girls had just received their ice cream along with the notice that: they had to “go in the hot dog line to pay because you have to pay for the ice cream at the hot dog stand before joining the ice cream line.”

Hopefully, you got that. It was hard enough to write it.

Okay, hot dog leads to ice cream. Fair enough.

Of course, I take my niece over to the hot dog line where the three girls had also gone ahead of us. Meanwhile, the attendant proceeded to inform the remaining customers of the proper hot dog to ice cream procedure.

Just about now, you might be wondering where this is leading.

It wasn’t long before the three girls ahead of us decided that it would be far more efficient for them to leave without paying.

After all, they already had their ice cream.

Although I have a strong moral police streak, I decided not to stop the girls, but instead to inform the attendants of their misguided trust.

After all, I’m neither parent nor employer.

Surely enough, these girls will continue to behave in this manner until they are caught.  Hopefully, however, these attendants will have learnt a lesson in demanding the money before you supply the goods.

What would you have done?







2 thoughts on “Honesty & Cross Purposes

  1. Elusive Trope says:

    Probably similar as you. In my head I would have thought, “if you have some non-intuitive system of payment, then make a clear sign and procedure, otherwise you get what you deserve.” Life is complicated enough without people making things more complicated. Had it been a case of the girls clearly trying to just do a conscious run around from the get-go, then I would have maybe done something…probably depending on mood.

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