Haiku (Italian, with an English translation)

Image from Seven Ponds blog. Click to visit.

Sai la foglia
che sussurra la via
di cadere sรน?


This is my first haiku in Italian.


Do you know the leaf

that whispers the way

of falling up?


8 thoughts on “Haiku (Italian, with an English translation)

  1. Linda Burman-Hall says:

    Already you are answering! Brava! I’m just writing in English and slapping it into Google Translate and trusting my artist friend in Liguria can make heads or tales of it. I am in Santa Cruz California, and its supposed to be bedtime, ha ha 1:20 am, but I’m going to now send your nice poem in its original Italian to my friend in Sarzana and tell her I have my answer that you’ve learned Italian, it’s not your birth language. I think you should post more of your haiku in Italian. Are you in Italy now? โ€” Linda

  2. Linda Burman-Hall says:

    Diedre, thatโ€™s a really beautiful poem! How did you come know Italian? Birth language? I am trying to write haiku in English and to communicate them to an Italian friend, so we do a bit of translating. Did you write more haiku in Italian?โ€” LBH

    • Diedre Blake says:

      Thank you for your kind message. I studied Italian while attending university. It’s wonderful that you are translating your haiku into Italian! How is it going? As for writing haiku in Italian, yes, I have and still do–just haven’t been the best about posting. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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