Free Write Friday | Surreal Reality and Dealing with Jet Lag

It’s 3:32 am. Well, at least, that’s what the clock says. My body, however, is telling my mind a different story.  My body clock tells me that it’s 9:32 pm. I’m jet lagged. I’m in Rome, listening to Tool, and wondering what’s the next step. (Yes, I listen to Tool).  I need to sleep.

Telling myself that I need to sleep won’t actually cause me to sleep, so I’ve decided to tell myself that I need to write.  That’s a better command.  So, I’m writing this post…it’s hardly informative, and I feel tremendously guilty about that. Still, I did promise a post on Friday…and this is what I’ve got for the moment. 🙂

In a few hours, I’ll start working on my novel again. I’ve given myself a deadline of Monday to finish this second draft and to finish the third by next Friday. Sounds a bit ambitious? Perhaps. Still, it’s doable. It’s time to write The End and move on to the next.

So, this is for my Friday ramble. I promise to write something far more coherent next time. 🙂


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