Article | Business Insider: 22 Lessons from Stephen King

When I first came across the Stephen King article, I only thought about it in terms of writing. Now, as I am packing, I can see how almost all of these lessons may be applicable. Perhaps it’s not just packing…maybe they are applicable to life general.

Happy Friday! It’s a grey day in Rome and I’ve got tons to do! 🙂

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Stephen King. Image from Wikipedia. Click to read Business Insider article by Maggie Zhang

Author Stephen King has broken down the need to know lessons for writers into 22 pieces of advice.  In her article “Stephen King On How to Write”, journalist Maggie Zhang shares with her readers not only King’s thoughts on writing, but those of writers Kurt Vonnegut and Susan Sontag. Read the Article.

Don’t have time to read the article? Well, here are the lessons a nutshell:

  1. Read, don’t watch television.
  2. Prepare for possible failure and tons of criticism.
  3. People-pleasing is a waste of time.
  4. Write for you first.
  5. Write what you find most difficult.
  6. Disconnect from the world when writing. (When rewriting, reconnect with the world.)
  7. Don’t be pretentious.
  8. Avoid adverbs and long paragraphs.
  9. Don’t be ruled by grammar.
  10. Master describing your environment.
  11. Give only as much backstory as is needed
  12. Create 3-d characters, not polarized…

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