On a lighter note | Hand made organic Thai soy wax candles

Love it! 🙂


The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is a treasure trove of various odd bits and pieces.
There’s certainly something for everyone. And by everyone, I actually mean someone as picky and as stubborn as, well, me!

I bought this candle a couple of weeks back out and I think I need another one.

I don’t know about you, but I get exhausted by the ‘same-ishness’ of everything.
When we talk about luxury candles, I’ve noticed that most people’s eyes glaze over and they unknowingly regurgitate the same brands. I liken it to something out of that classic children’s tv show, ‘The Demon Headmaster’. They seem to always come out with the same names: Dyptique, Yankee and Jo Malone; although not necessarily in that particular order.

And aren’t they great?

Well… Having worked at most of the luxury department stores in London, I’ll admit that they are. Yet, not quite the ‘be…

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