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Blasting the Blues

By Roald Watterson


I was in a bad mood recently, and it wasn’t easy to pull out of it. I’m not a hugely emotional person; I don’t usually have trouble motivating myself to get moving, but this time I was having a rough go of it. In the midst of this, a friend of a friend won a Mercedes-Benz through some kind of lottery!

First thought: I was happy. So these things do happen to people within my somewhat extended world! Second thought: Where’s my Mercedes-Benz?

I wanted something like that to happen for me. It didn’t need to be a car; I’d be just as grateful to win cruise tickets, a tropical holiday—even free membership to a gym. I began checking my email each morning with a heart full of anticipation, but it seemed that all I ever got was a flood of promos trying…

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