…avec de Chocolade…. Part 2


I was thwarted once… 

My first attempt at a ‘Flourless Gluten Free Chocolate Cake’ was a disaster.
And how could I have been victorious, with a drawn out name like that?

What can I say? I expected too much from this recipe.
In hindsight, I admit that I had put too much pressure on myself.
I just wanted to have some more material for my channel.
Lesson learned.

Here’s take two. Tada!


Its floppy.

Its a little beat up.
All the best things in life are.
But I bet you a whole £5 (that’s all I’ve got to spare for now, I’m afraid), that this is the bestest chocolatiest cake you will ever try in your life.
Big words for a little bird, you say?
Well sir….The top is crispy, the inside is moist.
It melts all that gooey chocolately loveliness into your mouth.
And if you put it…

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