FMS | Welcoming 2015 in Bed…Gotta Love Flu Season!


Nope, nope, nope. I won’t be out there living it up like it’s 1999 (although that was over a decade ago). Nope, nope.  I’ll be in bed, trying to get over the flu, and allowing my imagination to entertain me if I cannot sleep.

It’s not a really bad way to spend New Year’s Eve. Actually, it’s not so different from what I’ve always done, except that I usually feel better.  Still, it’s not so terrible.

I’ll watch fireworks from my window, listen to firecrackers popping on some random street, wonder if that guy I saw hanging out on his rooftop last year will be back again, and be grateful for everything that has led me to this moment.

Many Thanks to My Family, Friends, & Followers.

You help me to keep everything in perspective, and remind me that:

What is past is past.  What is future has yet to be decided.

What is present is within my control.

Please, be safe on this holiday! See you in the New Year.

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