Allergic to Vitamins? Say What?

Great Article by Ronovanwrites! A bit of a rant, but a worthy one!


I write about some strange things at times.

You ever get sick and just wonder what the heck is going on? I mean, you eat right, you do everything the doctor tells you, and you even take your medications and vitamins and still . . . blah.

There is a food allergy in the house. Well a couple really or more now that I am thinking about it.  But imagine you are doing everything possible to be healthy and you start feeling not healthy. No, not shin splints. Although those are a bear. Ice down, then heat, ice down then heat. Yeah whatever. How do you stop shin splints? Don’t jog! Ha! No that’s not what this article is about.

MSG is a big, humongoso, major allergy in the house. I mean it is Epinephrine autoinjector major. For those of you not aware of what an Epinephrine autoinjector is, it’s one…

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