ATR Challenge: Day 2

Decided to simplify the name of the Challenge to “Acknowledge the Right” (ATR) 😀 

I am heading into Day 2 and am excited to begin it.  So, to start today, I would like to share what was right about yesterday. 

  • I did my morning stretches
  • I did my morning meditation
  • I acknowledged that I love and am loved. 
  • I worked on a promised project.
  • I did laundry that I have been meaning to do
  • I took a walk and said hello to a stranger who said hello back (life is good)
  • I appreciated nature and manmade things (old buildings)
  • I forgave myself for what I could not do and choose not to do
  • I wrote a post to start the first Challenge Day.

What about you?  What did you acknowledge about your day yesterday? 🙂

Remember, every acknowledged step is one step furher on your path.


Until Next TIme,


3 thoughts on “ATR Challenge: Day 2

  1. Patrina Pink says:

    Howdy Diedre, how are you doing? Know this isn’t the ideal spot to message you but I’m saying hiii and hope you’re ok. We are long overdue a walk!

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