They Don’t Know

Fibromyalgia WildFlowers

July 25, 2014

They Don’t Know

They just don’t know; don’t get it. I’m staying with my aunt and mother right now until I find a new place. I love them both so much but you know I’m younger than them so it’s only right that I do this and that, and of course whatever my mom asks of me I have to get up an do. I moan and groan a bit but I get up and do it, and I feel bad when I complain because it shouldn’t feel the way I do. My body should be so much more healthier.
They know, my mom knows more of what I’m dealing with; but when it comes down to it… None of that matters because I’m younger than them and I look like I’m just sitting around. If my legs and arms ache (so what)
I must at admit…

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