Keeping It Simple and Sweet…

Source needed. My apologies.  Title is: tree-goddess-march-1

Source needed. My apologies. Title is: tree-goddess-march-1

Today, I began reading the book, 7 Ancient Keys to Happiness: A 90 Day, Lesson-a-Day Guide to Achieving Inner Bliss by S. Warren (Mills).  I am on Day 16.  I have completed some of the exercises, but mostly reading this book has prompted me to spend a great deal of time self-reflecting.

What I have come to realize is that I am a fairly happy person when I allow myself to be.  What I have  come, also, to realize is that I can be a fairly unhappy person when I allow myself to be.  What does this all mean?

Living with fibromyalgia involves living with, not only pain, but uncertainty.  One is never quite certain what the next day will bring.  Will I be able to get up?  Will I be able to function well?  I believe it is the uncertainty that can create the opportunity for unhappiness to develop, especially if there are predisposing factors.

The point of this post today, however, is not to get into a heavy psychological discussion.  Rather, I wanted to point out that what I have found/find/am finding most beneficial to me in maintaining/accessing my happiness is taking care of my body.

Thus, I would say to others, who are dealing with fibromyalgia or any challenges physically or emotionally, find a way to take care of the physical you.  Treat your body as sacred.  Find new ways to make your body feel at its best.

This time it's green tea.

This time it’s green tea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, I have been doing green tea facials, which has left me feeling more peaceful and accomplished.  It is a small thing, but an important part of what makes me feel happy at both the start and end of my day.  By doing this one action of self-care, I know that, at least, in one way, I am taking good care of me.

Also, along with taking care of the outer body, there are many books about the types of food that help people with fibroymalgia to feel better, such as

Yes, having fibromyalgia can mean doubting the capabilities of your body on any given day. It may mean that you may disappoint others because you are unable to do things as you have once done or promised to do.  Simply remember this, when all else fails, try to K.I.S.S. your life.  That is, try to Keep It Simple and SweetAnd never forget that…

Your body does not define your worth. 


How you treat your body does define your self-worth

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