The birds and the flow of water…

I have no desire to write today.  My body aches from fatigue and illness.  My mind focuses on all the things that I ought to do and ought to have done.  I am taking pleasure in listening to the sound of the flowing water from my shower…another ought to.  I am pondering the call of the starlings that have made their arrival known to Rome.  My mind refuses coherent thoughts. I write because if I wait for the desire to write to come, it may never do so.  I write because I recognize that I am hiding myself from certain truths, or perhaps certain fears. Today, in this moment, I am asking myself why I have chosen this path.  It is so very uncertain.  Why take a step towards a destination unknown?  I suppose I have no answer.  I can only live in the now, not the then or the hereafter . I have no guarantee that this life that I am living will lead to anything that would be considered a success by all.  What I do know is that I am filling that which was once empty.  Until next time. Best,D.

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