Something that makes me smile…

So… I’ve been learning Italian. For the most part, I think it is going fairly well… Well, at the very least, I will say it’s been a process.

One of the most wonderful experiences in learning this beautiful (but quite challenging for me) language happened last semester during my intensive Italian course.  We had the fortune of being introduced to (and listening a couple of times per my request) to the song, “La Gatta” by Gino Paoli, … and it made me smile 🙂

It still does… Thanks, Professor B.!

I hope it will brighten your Saturday too!


Excerpt from “La Gatta” Lyrics

C’era una volta una gatta

che aveva una macchia nera sul muso

e una vecchia soffitta vicino al mare

con una finestra a un passo dal cielo blu.

Se la chitarra suonavo

la gatta faceva le fusa ed una

stellina scendeva vicina, vicina

poi mi sorrideva e se ne tornava su.

Ora non abito più là,

tutto è cambiato, non abito più là,

Ho una casa bellissima,

bellissima come vuoi tu…”  – Gino Paoli

(Lyrics found at

Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Something that makes me smile…

  1. Flaviano says:

    This is also the easiest song to play when someone’s learning guitar: it’s a classic C turn, made of 4 chords: C+ Am Dm G7.
    And recently one italian singer whose name is Daniele Silvestri made a CD where one of the guest star was Gino Paoli but he renamed the song “La chatta” (it’s a word game chat, chatta, gatta …). It’s funny you have to listen to it …



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