Begin where you are…

Tourists and Construction, photography by Diedré M. Blake (Via Frattina, Rome, Summer 2011)

The streets of Rome continue to be filled with tourists, street vendors, performers, designer and not-so-designer stores, construction workers and apparently me.  To describe Rome as “hot” in summer is a vast understatement – I am beginning to wonder if I have descended into the depths of hell, and am only a few moments away from seeing fire and brimstone.   Who knows… especially with the temperatures at night being somewhere between 80-95 degrees.  Regardless, I have come to look at this period as merely the final stages of my own personal experience of being tempered.

I’ve returned to Rome after being two months away.  The process of my return was not an easy one as it meant vast amounts of paperwork and a whole lot of letting go.  Both of which, I had assumed that I was quite accustomed to by now… apparently not. 😉

Beginning where I am: Part 1

It’s been a long time since I have written on my blog… and with good reason. That is, getting paperwork done to move overseas is never easy and is time-consuming as is the finalizing one’s life that is being left behind.  More importantly, however, I wanted to take a break away from my introspection – As much as sharing my thoughts with the larger world is an interesting and encouraging experience, I have found that there is equal importance to be given to the practice of shielding one’s thoughts.

In moving forward, I would like to make my blog a more interactive experience – I am not certain of how that may actually manifest itself. 😉  From some of the feedback I have received, however, I have come to understand that my thoughts have been helpful to others and have given them perspective/insight into their own lives.   And so, I would like to invite questions or topics to be addressed via my blog.   After all, how much can I talk about my life? 😉

Thus, I begin this new phase with the hope that I can reach out and help others more directly.  Of course, I will continue a weekly (or perhaps even more often than that) update of my blog with topics of interest that arise from my observation from the world around me.  In the interim, send me your thoughts and questions.  (


Monday, 29th of August – Beginning where I am: Part 2 (Self-deconstruction and understanding the strength of one’s self-foundation)

One thought on “Begin where you are…

  1. April Rivers says:

    Your blogs are so very helpful…and time reading them is well spent and enriching. I know I have said this in the past, but your pairing of language and photography is wonderful.

    Looking forward to reading more….


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