Spending a night in Le Bain… Plus, I am a what?? 

Le Bain, photography by Diedré M. Blake (Rome, Italy) Feb. 2011

There was a point in my life when weekend nightlife… well, let’s be honest, nightlife in general… made sense.  I think that was called something like… my youth.  

Yes, I know, technically speaking, that I am chronologically still young (although the next age bracket is looming quite largely).   Still, I am at a point where the Cinderella fairytale becomes true and midnight turns my carriage back into a pumpkin (or in this case the number 64 Bus to the Termini), and I say forget the high-heels, I am going home!

Before the anticlimactic end of Cinderella’s night out and after the spell had been cast, however, there was all the stuff in the middle.  So, let’s take D’s Not-So-Magical Night at Le Bain…


Le Bain… 

The Scene – Walking into Studio Le Bain makes me instantly think to myself that I am in the wrong place, and I need to immediately grow a few inches taller.  It also makes me wonder where the light switches are, because it is quite dark and these people are not paying my optometrist’s bill (and she has threatened bifocals, I kid you not!).  It’s got that kind of we-are-so-cool-you-wouldn’t-be-able-to-understand-it-and-you-could-never-achieve-it vibe.  I know now that I should have worn all black, and my head wrap and stockings are just not going to count in this situation.

The People – Young, old, and everything in-between (I think I would be safe to include myself in this category).  There were different gatherings in attendance.  I was a part of the InterNations gathering, which was being hosted in the front/bar of Le Bain.  Upon entering Le Bain, I had been told it was a popular establishment with members of the fashion industry (think models here).   Thus, I imagine that being positioned at the entrance was ideal for “seeing and being seen” by members of the “beautiful people” club.  For myself, however, it felt rather daunting and triggered my shyness and my more usually unnoticeable introverted traits.



I am a what??

Yes, if we have met before and it was not noticeable then… I will inform you now.  I can be painfully shy and I do have some traits that are introverted as well as extroverted.  I am still looking into this, but I am thinking I may be more of an “ambivert”  than either an extrovert or an introvert.    Why?  Well, because I do enjoy both my solitude and being around other people (it makes for an interesting conundrum).  In essence, I gain energy from both and need both experiences in my life.  If I remember correctly, my Myers-Briggs Type is ENFJ.  Anyway, back to the party…   

Le Bain

I did what any true-blooded ambivert would do… apparently (click on the “ambivert” link above for further explanation).  I skillfully met new people, associated myself with a group engaged in a truly animated conversation and participated in some highly active listening.  No, I do not mean “active listening” in the psychological sense, where one actually evaluates and reflects meaningfully on what one is hearing.  I mean that I spent my time listening to my surroundings… the buzz of speech, to the music, and general din that made up the ambience of Le Bain.  Every now and then, someone would ask me a question directly, and I would be made to shift out of my thoughts/listening to answer.  For the most part, however, I was able to enjoy the night in the best way possible, i.e. surrounded by people, being quiet and observant.

About my observations, I shall not write.  The “beautiful people” enjoyed themselves, and I am a fan of both behaving responsibly and letting one’s hair down.   The night ended early, however, for me.  As I mentioned above, I am not so young anymore that nightlife holds much appeal… This seems just as well, because as I have come to discover in being an ambivert, I don’t necessarily need to be where the excitement is happening.  😉   

So, not so magical, but I made new friends, had a good time, and got home at reasonable hour.  All in all, a good way to start my first weekend in Rome.

Next time:  Being called “Una bella dama.”