A reflection on my sister & what it takes… Imagination.

Michelle, photography by Diedré M Blake 2011

Spritely elegance: These are the words I choose to describe my sister, Michelle, the younger of my identical twin sisters.  She is known for her whimsical attitude, her charisma, diplomacy, and general ability to brighten everyone’s day – Regardless of how crappy the day for either her or the other person has been. 

Michelle is truly a lover of life, and for all of the already mentioned reasons and many more, I am one of her biggest fans, and am proud to be her sister.  So, what’s up with all the hype, D.?

Well, simply put, it’s the truth, and I believe every person in one’s life deserves recognition.  Right now, my thoughts are on my sister, who is at the moment taking a courageous step in her life and embarking on new and rewarding goals.  This, I know, is more than reason enough to celebrate her and for her. 

Michelle with daughter, photography by Diedré M. Blake 2011

Michelle works as an exemplary server at The Capital Grille, one nation’s best restaurant chains. For almost twenty years, she has dedicated her life to building a career within the restaurant industry, acquiring formidable knowledge in the various aspects of restaurant service. 

Throughout, she continues to dazzle everyone with her smile, maintain her personal and professional relationships, and bring good cheer.  Even as a single parent, Michelle continues to show her loyalty to her work.  Wonderfully and in true form, she is now synthesizing her years of professional experience and writing a book!  I am extremely proud of her and inspired by her efforts.

For more information about Michelle, please visit her website: “The M.B. Factor” http://thembfactor.weebly.com, or you can email her at thembfactor@gmail.com.

I want to address now my absence from blogging.  I could blame many things, but I shall not.  I dislike excuses, even well-meaning ones.  In reviewing my posts dating back six weeks, I recognized the tone of the blog had shifted.  I had stopped looking out at the world, and began looking in.  There is nothing wrong with this. There is no need, however, to be excessively redudant on the blog.  I think most people reading the blog know the challenging goal I am working on, and have read about some the reactions I have received in response to it. 

Moving forward, I would like to continue to explore the issue of achieving goals and overcoming obstacles, and reflecting on life as it happens around me.  As I make progress on my own path, I shall duly report it here.

What it takes…

Don't, photography by Diedré M. Blake 2010

Many people, if not all, have goals.  Some of these goals are deemed achievable.  Others may be put in the category of “dreams, ” i.e. unrealistic and improbable and/or impossible to achieve goals.  Lately, I have been thinking about what are the internal and external factors that allow for a person to perceive his/her goals to be achievable or unachievable.  

More recently, I have become more attuned to other people’s negative self-talk in regards to achieving goals, and have taken to redirecting them – I am not certain how well-appreciated this particular practice is. 😉  From it, however, I have come to realize that I was brought up to believe that there was nothing out of my reach.  It was only a matter of finding a way to get to it…  Luckily, my training also taught me the wonderful concept of acceptance… and perhaps I will give some points to the concepts of fate/destiny.  Thus, I believe that my dreams can become my goals.  My goals, I work to manifest.  If, however, they do not completely manifest, then perhaps it was not meant to be.  It is a sort of win/win strategy on my part I suppose.

Either way,  my point is this:  I learned at an early age that it is okay to dream big and live creatively.  Most importantly, to live a life that I have created for myself.

Perhaps it is my age group, but it seems nearly impossible set goals that go against societal norms, no matter what the size, much less if it leads to “creative” living.  As the world around us becomes more and more globalized, it seems our ability to maintain our diversity becomes less and less… I sometimes fear living in a ‘generic brand world,’ where each person operates like a battery-operated computerized efficiency-driven doll that spits out data and lacks personality. 

Yes, there is comfort in following social norms and watching that social clock tick-tocking away at one’s life.  I have said as much in other posts.  What I am saying also is that there is room as well to look at one’s dreams… 

Imagination: Why not? 

Suppleness Of The Moment, photography by Dolores Juhas (http://dolores-juhas.tk)

 Your dreams were once goals… and can be again. 

What would it take to make them manifest into reality?

  • Perhaps there is somewhere you have always wanted to go…
  • Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to do…
  • Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to learn
  • Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to have…
  • Perhaps there is someone, whom you have always wanted to meet…
  • Perhaps there is some way you have always wanted to be…

In Rome, photography by Arturo di Corinto 2010

There are many questions to answer. 

Begin with, “Why not?”

Then, follow it with, “Why not now?”

What it takes… is very simple…

It takes you….

Your willingness

to believe

 in the possibility and probability of your


And your willingness

to ask yourself

“Why not?”







For my sister, myself, family, friends, and everyone else… Remember,

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” – Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

2 thoughts on “A reflection on my sister & what it takes… Imagination.

  1. Dolores Juhas says:

    I am so happy to know you and have you in my life. I am grateful that you share with us your thoughts, advices and directions, also translated into these excellent articles. Another denominator which is characterized you is Life coach!
    All the best Michelle in achieving your dreams!

  2. michelle blake says:

    You are truly gifted when it comes to words… Thank you, for everything you do. You are truly an inspiration!!! Love you!

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